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  • 31.07.2017





    "Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever." -Ralph Lauren



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    1. Find a signature item. ..something that is totally uniqe about you. Think about a piece that you love the most or use often. Make it "your thing". This could be a little thing like your favorite earrings or a watch. Maybe you love your black bomber jacket or your oversized hand bag? There are so many options like hats, caps, boots, gloves or high waisted jeans. It is your choice. Pick something and build your outfit around it. 

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    2. Accessorize it. Details are very important. These little things are like icing on the cake. The key is to pick right accessories and match it to your outfit. Try to choose something that you can't live a day without. Well, I don't want to exaggerate but you know where I am going with this. Personally, I love jewelry and I tend to get obsessed with earrings and bracelets. I could wear one thing for years. Find something like that for yourself. It could be a scarf that you can wear around your neck in the winter time or attached to your handbag in the summer. There are a lot of options out there. A simple belt could make such a difference to your outfit. 


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    3. Wear your favorite colors / patterns. Many of you probably noticed that I am totally in love with white. I really struggle finding stuff that I like that are not white! This is my style and my signature look. This color is a huge part of my style. Don't be affraid to try new colors. There are so many people that are choosing black every time just because it's safe. It's easy to style, makes you look skinnier and it's simply elegant. I understand that but try to mix it up a little. Put a little detail in a different color to make it more interesting. After a while you will be more open to colors and new patterns. 

    4. Set fashion goals. Think about what you like and dislike about wardrobe. Clean it up, get rid of your old stuff that you are not using anymore. Are there things that doesn't fit you anymore? Slowly replace it with new pieces. Start with things that you could use on a daily basis. Focus on stuff like jackets, that you can style it up in many ways, jeans and shoes. 

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    5. Very important thing is to stay individual. Don't think about other people's opinions. They are not you. You are You and you are one of a kind. Be special and be yourself. Don't be affraid to show it because life it's too short. People can be mean but that's their problem and a way to show their insecurities. Be yourself, be happy  and don't care! 

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    JEANS: Gina Tricot 

    SHOES: Asos 

    CLUTCH: Tory Burch 


  • 26.07.2017


    Be a girl with a mind, 
    a woman with attitude,
    and  a lady with class.



    There is so much work with clothes and details that gives you this perfect glam look. Based on my own experience I thought I will share some of the tips with you guys. 

    1. Get some fabolous clothes.  I am talking about the fabrics and quality stuff. The best thing is to invest in good jelewery, diamonds, heels, fur, cashmere, trench coats and a handbag that will suit most of your outfits. Try to buy black heels and black handbags. These are the things that will go with everything and most of them are timeless.
    Going back in time is so popular these days. The old Hollywood glam with big curls, red lipstic, a white Marilyn Monroe dress will definitely do the job. These details are so important.  Oversized sunglasses? Hey they never got out of style.

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    2. Good make up. Again I will refer to my last words - red lipstic and big curls. Your make up should enhance your features. I use bronzing powder and a highlighter the most. Also lashes needs to be BIG :) 
    Try to really take care of your hair. Try to use masks and conditioners so your hair will end up looking healthy and shiny. Personally I like to put on some extensions from time to time and make them look bigger. 


    3.  A good fragnance - is the key. The way you smell says a lot. Try to invest some money in a good perfume. Find something that suits you the most.  I personally use Chanel Mademoiselle. 


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    This dress remainds me of the white dress of Marilyn Monroe - just in more modern and sexier version. 

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    4. Learn how to set your outfits. It is important that your clothes suits your body shape and that the colors creats a good combination. Get the inspo from bloggers! Try to focus on a clean elegant look. Put together at least 2 diffrent colors. If your outfit feels boring - put on some outstanding jewellery. Wear heels with pants. Play with it! 

    "Your clothes should be tight enough to show you're a woman, but loose enough to show you're a lady" Marilyn Monroe


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    5. The most important thing - SMILE :) this is the best thing you can do to glow and look glamorous !


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    In collaboration with YOINS





    SHOES: Chinese Laundry 

    BAG: Tory Burch 

    BRACELET: Givenchy

  • 20.07.2017



    Good afternoon everybody! I woke up quite late today and it felt wonderful. I am such a sleepyhead.  Usually it is soo cold out here but I got really lucky this time. It is soo sunny. I will be enjoying this beautiful view and the weather for another couple of days.  #familytime

    How are you guys spending your vacation? 


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    BIKINI: Triangl


  • 19.07.2017


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me or my blog haha! It has been a year since I started my blog. Time flies! It's been such a pleasure doing this, sharing fashion inspirations and tips with you guys. I am so thankful for every each of you that reads my post. I love you guys thank you! 

    Anyways, I flew over to my mom's and her wonderful new apartment. If you wonder where I am for the next couple of days find me in the bathtub haha! 

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    In collaboration with Missy Empire


    TOP & SHORTS: Missy Empire 

    SHOES: Public Desire

    CLUTCH: Tory Burch

    JEWELLERY: Givenchy 


  • 08.07.2017


    Are you guys ready for the red carpet? I will be definitely matching with the carpet haha! Anyways isn't summer the most perfect season for maxi dresses?! I thought so... 
    There are so many weddings,anniversaries and events going on and we are usually stressing about what to wear on that big days. A beautiful, long, elegant and oh so feminine piece of clothing - that is the answer.

    Since my hair are dark I picked this stunning red dress to feel a little like a chica espaola. :-)



    In colaboration with SheIn  





    SHOES: Christian Louboutin 

    JEWELRY: Givenchy

  • 06.07.2017


    VLOGGING FROM FLORIDA! Hope you guys like it :) 





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  • 02.07.2017



    I had the most wonderful vacay ever! It was my first time in Florida and I totally loved it! First, we kicked off the vacay in Miami, then we rented a car and drove to Key West for a couple of days,  then we ended our trip staying in Fort Lauderdale.

     I have seen the most beautiful places, beaches, went to the Southernmost Point of the USA (just 90 miles from the coast of Cuba), had the most exciting experiences of my life like - swimming with dolphines! I am so thankful for these opportunities and blessings life is giving me.

    This is the first part:





    VERSACE MANSION - The Villa Casa Casuarina Ocean Drive 

    "In 1992, The Villa was purchased by the famous Italian fashion designer, Gianni Versace. Today The Villa has operated as a luxury boutique hotel, restaurant and event space."



     Pictures from Key West & Fort Lauderdale are coming! Stay tuned! <3


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