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  • 29.03.2017
  • I AM BACK!

    Hey Guys <3

    So.. I was supposed to leave NYC on 23rd of March but I got stuck in the traffic for about 4 hours. It was impossible to get out of the Manhattan that evening. I was so mad because I did not know it will be this crazy and I ended up missing my flight. I had to buy another ticket. So here I am finally home in Oslo!

    My little trip to NYC came to an end ..but I have A LOT of content to share with you just wait for it :) 

    btw. Check my brand new New York City Vlog if you haven't seen it yet!



  • 28.03.2017


    So I can finally show you what we did in NEW YORK! I am sorry that the video is a little shaky. I will work on that next time. 

    Hope you'll enjoy it! <3 

    and please subscribe! 



  • 22.03.2017


    Heyyy Guys! I have missed you! So I am currently in New York working. Me and NewYorkStyled have a lot going on. It has been a really hectic week but we enjoyed it anyway. Even though the weather was just horrible to us. Yesterday was superfun because we went to out favorite restaurant Tao and went for karaoke bar later. I have been vlogging the whole time so stay tuned! There is a lot of content coming soon.
    I will start revealing what we have worked on now. 

    This is a rainy day shoot that we did in Brooklyn. It is a very feminine -  black classy look.
     I finnally got my hands on this beautiful Gucci belt. It was seriously sold out EVERYWHERE! I will tell you the wole story later.





    Jacket: ZARA
    Skirt: HERE
    Belt: Gucci
    Shoes: Christian Louboutin


  • 22.03.2017


  • 13.03.2017


    Hello Sunshines <3 

    I jus uploaded a new VIDEO for you guys! My bikini & swimsuit haul! Hope you'll enjoy it! 
    Btw. I am flying to NEW YORK on wednesday so - be prepared for A LOT of new fashion posts! Follow my instastory so you'll know what we are up to! 

    In my video I fatured bikinis and swimsuits from:


  • 06.03.2017



    Hello Monday! So I made another video about shoes, since you guys liked the first one and I am such shoe lover so it was just a pleasure for me. 
    Please subcribe to my chanel, if you haven't done it yet because I am doing videos every week ! 


    In one week from now I am going to NYC ! My best friend and I planned so much! There will be a lot of vlogs, videos and blog posts coming! 

    Stay tuned! 

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