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  • 06.10.2017
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  • 20.07.2017



    Good afternoon everybody! I woke up quite late today and it felt wonderful. I am such a sleepyhead.  Usually it is soo cold out here but I got really lucky this time. It is soo sunny. I will be enjoying this beautiful view and the weather for another couple of days.  #familytime

    How are you guys spending your vacation? 


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    BIKINI: Triangl


  • 07.05.2017
  • LONDON....

    Heyy everybody!

    Hope you all are enjoying your Sundayyy. I am soo looking forward to be done with my finals and finally enjoy my summer holiday! Who's with me ?! I came back from cold and rainy London but... I kind of want to go back...:) Everytime I go there I always enjoy it. I do love the city, but also people's kindness and this beautiful accent! So ... I am actually thinking about moving there when I graduate. I did move a lot in my life so I don't find it diffiucult or terrifying. I actually find it very fun and interesting. We are living just once! This is why we should take chances life offers and live to the fullest. Am I right? :) 

    BTW... Somebody just booked a trip to CYPRUS in June!!! #soexcited 

    London Big Ben and traffic on Westminster Bridge


  • 04.05.2017


    LONDON VLOG! - finally ! So this is a short material of what we did for 3 days in London for my bestfriends' birthday. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN, even though I was ill and lost my voice hehe.  ENJOY you guys!
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  • 13.03.2017


    Hello Sunshines <3 

    I jus uploaded a new VIDEO for you guys! My bikini & swimsuit haul! Hope you'll enjoy it! 
    Btw. I am flying to NEW YORK on wednesday so - be prepared for A LOT of new fashion posts! Follow my instastory so you'll know what we are up to! 

    In my video I fatured bikinis and swimsuits from:


  • 06.03.2017



    Hello Monday! So I made another video about shoes, since you guys liked the first one and I am such shoe lover so it was just a pleasure for me. 
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    In one week from now I am going to NYC ! My best friend and I planned so much! There will be a lot of vlogs, videos and blog posts coming! 

    Stay tuned! 

  • 27.02.2017


    I thought I will share with you guys how I transformed my old jeans that you saw in my last blog post. Enjoy! 





  • 21.02.2017

    Heyyy everyone! I just uploaded a new Video on Youtube enjoy! :) 

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  • 29.01.2017

    GOOD morning guys! Hope you're having a great day! 

    So, I filmed a video about my shoe collection - including Chrisitian Louboutin! It's a review including tips, prices, quality and level of comfort! 
    Go and have a look! 


  • 12.01.2017
  • Good Morning Guys!



    Good Morning guys! ;) 


    I will need to explain myself. I was pretty ill the past week so I didn't have any energy to blog or film anything, but today I thought I will write a post about my morning routine! 


    11:00 Waking up around 11 or 6 in the morning, depends if I have school or not

    11:30  Checking my phone for like a half an hour (haha I don't think I am exeption here) 

    12:00 Getting in the shower

    12:30 I am not a morning person so it takes ages for me to get ready (I'll try work on that :) 
              So I am getting a huge breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal for me. I like to start it with a glass of orange juice and an oat meal. Then I like to have a nice toast or scrambled eggs or pancakes with nutella and a lot of black tea. Then I need my strong coffee that I can't live without <3 I think coffee is my biggest addiction. 

    13:00 Now, I am finally ready to hit the gym. I like to workout in the lunch time. After I had a good breakfast and a coffee I have so much energy. 

    After I'll come back I will have some lunch (sushi is my all time favorite) and I'll start working. 

    Have a great day! 

  • 04.01.2017
  • Ariana Grande Hair Tutorial!

    Hey guys! So I just filmed a hair tutorial! Check it out! :) 
    Ariana Grande Hair Tutorial



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  • 02.11.2016
  • Male STRIPPER for b-day! WHAT!?

    Heyyy guys! Hope everyone had an amzing Halloween! So I was going through my old photos and I found THIS - my birthday party from...a couple years ago hehe :) It was the best celebration that I ever had. I had about 40 guests so I rented the whole club with a catering service. I also rented a limouisne so me and my girls can drive to the party and have a little pre drinks in there. When the car arrived, there was a huuuuge surprise waiting for us. Enjoy watching :) 

    My amazing dress was designed by Sylwia Majdan. Orginally it was a wedding dress with a long back.



    And then.... the police came ....


  • 21.09.2016

    Here are some of the products I literally can't live with out.

    Glamglow Youthmud Tingling and Exfoliating Mud Mask

    Basically the best mask I have ever tried so far. Makes your skin tight, soft and reduce pores (if you under 20 I would not reommend that yet).

    Glamglow Thirstymud

    This is mask that makes your skin stay hydrated. I am using this on a every day basis instead of a regular cream.

    Tip: Try to buy it at the airport- duty free  - it's much cheaper ;) 


    Self Tanning Fake Bake 

    The best thing everrr! Unfortunately not avaible in Norway (try ebay).


  • 17.09.2016

    Here are some of my birthday gifts!


    Ralph Lauren Bag 
    Triangl Bikini (Bella Blue Heaven) 
    Iphone 7 rose gold


  • 07.09.2016

    Here are some outfits that are perfect for fall. Olive colors and jumpers are a THING! I am obsessed! 











  • 05.09.2016

    Shoes: Converse 

    Dress: Fashion Nova 


    Hey guys! We have such a sunny weather here in Oslo! My BIRTHDAY are coming and.....I am going to LONDON and Bournemouth next week to see my girl and celebrate! I couldn't be more excited! She lives in Bournemouth, but we have plans to stay in London the first night. 

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  • 31.08.2016
  • UPDATE!'s a lot going on lately! This week I have been a lot at school and work, but the weekend sounds actually more fun. I will meet my friend and see a musical. On saturday I'll go to my boyfriend's football game and barbecue party. On sunday we have plans on going to this new amazing spa place called The Well.

    AND my birthday is coming next week, so I am pretty excited! 


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  • 27.08.2016
  • Last Night in New York!

    Hey guys! So the last night before I got home to Oslo, we went to this popular restaurant called Tao. I love this place and I love the food that they have. 
    Fun Fact : Sex and City was filmed there at the opening of the restaurant. 







  • 18.08.2016


    Hey guys! So I am back in Oslo and our new apartment and I am loving it! We have a great rooftop too, and this is something I always wanted to have. I am also back in school and work. This fall sounds like a lot of work, but also like a lot of fun! 
    I still have some pictures from New York that I will be posting so stay tuned!








    Jacket - Zara
    Shorts - Gina Tricot
    Shoes - Converse 
    Sunglasses - Quay Australia

  • 09.08.2016
  • #RED




    Dress from: HERE 
    Shoes: Christian Louboutin 

  • 08.08.2016
  • Dinner in Spice Market



    Dress: HERE
    Jacket: Zara 
    Shoes: Windsor Smith



    My dear friend Peter, fashion blogger from New York 
    link here 
    Check him out guys!


    So we went to this nice place called Spice Market. The restaurant was beautiful inside. I totally loved it. 
    I am really into spicy cuisne, but when we got the food I had 3-4 glasses of water and still couldn't finish my meal. It was THAT SPICY haha! 

    After dinner we went to this rooftop bar in a hotel called Yotel. The view just amazing! 




  • 01.08.2016
  • Casual....








    Dress from - Nelly

    Shoes - Windsor Smith 

    Hey guys! It's soo good to be back in New York. I missed this. Last time I was here I was taking classes on Broadway Dance Center. It's the most exciting place ever. 

     We were a little unlucky with the weather in the past couple of days. It's raining all the time. When the sun will come back we might visit one of the Long Island beaches or go to the Atlantic City. I can't wait! 


    Plus I am so lucky to wake up to this amazing view! 

  • 22.07.2016




    Shoes : Christian Louboutin 

  • 09.07.2016
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  • 09.07.2016
  • OOTD

    Shoes : Windsor Smith 

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