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  • 07.05.2017
  • LONDON....

    Heyy everybody!

    Hope you all are enjoying your Sundayyy. I am soo looking forward to be done with my finals and finally enjoy my summer holiday! Who's with me ?! I came back from cold and rainy London but... I kind of want to go back...:) Everytime I go there I always enjoy it. I do love the city, but also people's kindness and this beautiful accent! So ... I am actually thinking about moving there when I graduate. I did move a lot in my life so I don't find it diffiucult or terrifying. I actually find it very fun and interesting. We are living just once! This is why we should take chances life offers and live to the fullest. Am I right? :) 

    BTW... Somebody just booked a trip to CYPRUS in June!!! #soexcited 

    London Big Ben and traffic on Westminster Bridge


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